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Smartphone Car Chargers

Top 10 Car Chargers for Smartphone

1BlackBerry RC-1500NA Rapid Travel Charger (Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0)BlackBerry RC-1500NA Rapid Travel Charger (Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0)

The BlackBerry Rapid Travel Charger is compatible with all micro-usb smartphones. It ensures extra fast charging for smartphones compatible with  the Qualcomm 2.0 QuickCharge 2.0 Standard. Ideal for travel. Features twist clip system for maximum reli...(More)

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2Ventev 6ft Micro-USB Charging Data CableVentev 6ft Micro-USB Charging Data Cable

Now you can charge your Micro-USB mobile device without worrying about knots and tangles! Ventev's Charging Data Cable provides 6 feet of convenient charging and syncing whenever you need it. The cable's flat design makes it easy to maneuver around obsta...(More)

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3iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Car Mount ChargeriOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Car Mount Charger

With built-in Qi Standard Wireless Charging, the Easy One Touch Wireless is an extremely convenient & versatile mounting solution as it is compatible with Qi standard wireless charging smartphones. It also incorporates one of the best features of the ...(More)
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4iOttie RapidVOLT Max 5A Dual Port USB Car ChargeriOttie RapidVOLT Max 5A Dual Port USB Car Charger

The iOttie RapidVOLT MAX allows you to quickly and efficiently charge all of your devices on the go. Included is a green LED light that will inform you that the RapidVOLT Max is on and working. You can easily use your existing USB charging cables to charg...(More)

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5Samsung Micro-USB 2A Travel Charger6Amzer Type-C to Micro USB Adapter
Samsung Micro-USB 2A Travel Charger

Charge your device with this 2A travel adapter with a detachable Micro-USB cable! This charger is compact and durable, which makes it perfect for when you travel. The detachable USB cable can be used for charging or data sync when plugged into a computer...(More)

Amzer Type-C to Micro USB Adapter

Connect your Smartphone with this USB Type-C connector to a micro USB cable to charge or sync your device. This useful accessory allows you to re-use your old Micro USB cables or chargers. This ultra compact design is durable and small enough not to inter...(More)

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7BlackBerry Sync Pod Nest for BlackBerry PRIV8BlackBerry Micro-USB Cable
BlackBerry Sync Pod Nest for BlackBerry PRIV

Already own a BlackBerry Sync Pod from an older device like the BlackBerry Classic or Passport? No need to invest in a whole new setup; this Sync Pod Nest replaces the docking area in your existing sync pod to accomodate your new BlackBerry Priv — e...(More)

BlackBerry Micro-USB Cable

Just as your BlackBerry Smartphone helps you successfully multi-task, the combination data synchronization and charging cable helps you conduct two vital functions at the same time. The BlackBerry Micro-USB cable that allows you to sync data between your...(More)

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9Griffin Technology PowerJolt 2.1 Amp10Samsung 3.3ft USB Data Cable
Griffin Technology PowerJolt 2.1 Amp

Just plug in and charge from your car’s 12V power outlet. The low-profile design of the Griffin PowerJolt uses an illuminated light ring to indicate charge status. PowerJolt's detachable dock cable can be used separately to charge and sync your iPad...(More)

Samsung 3.3ft USB Data Cable

If you've lost or damaged your Smartphone USB cable, or just need a spare, this official replacement cable is for you. With a normal USB connector on one end and a Samsung connector on the other, this cable is perfect for connecting your Smartphone to the...(More)

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