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Smartphone Car Chargers

Top 10 Car Chargers for Smartphone

1BlackBerry Sync Pod w/ 1.2m USB Cable for BlackBerry PRIVBlackBerry Sync Pod w/ 1.2m USB Cable for BlackBerry PRIV

BlackBerry Sync Pod for the BlackBerry Priv is a solid, sleek and minimal, the dock conveniently and securely displays the device at an ergonomic upright angle for desktop or bedside surfaces. The PRIV Sync Pod delivers multi-purpose functi...(More)

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2Samsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging PadSamsung Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Pad

Take your wireless charging experience to the next level with the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad. Available in black sapphire or white, the new wireless charging pad allows you to charge your Smartphone device up to 1.4x faster than standard wireless c...(More)

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3Samsung 3ft Micro-USB Charging Data CableSamsung 3ft Micro-USB Charging Data Cable

It's always a great idea to have a spare micro-USB charging data cable handy in case of an emergency or even if you just need to share one with a friend! This OEM cable will allow you to transfer your music, videos and pictures to and from your computer ...(More)

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4Samsung 5V 2A Travel ChargerSamsung 5V 2A Travel Charger

Pair this handy OEM Travel Charger with your existing USB cable for a rapid 5V 2A charge on the go! Sporting a completely white shell, the Samsung 5V 2A Travel Charger features fixed prongs that will plug into any standard US outlet without taking up bot...(More)

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5Samsung 2A USB 3.0 Car Charger (4.5ft) for Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note Pro 12.26BlackBerry Sync Pod for AT&T Passport, Unlocked Passport
Samsung 2A USB 3.0 Car Charger (4.5ft) for Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note Pro 12.2

When it's time to charge up your Smartphone while on the go, you'll want to be sure you're covered with an OEM car charger that will provide you with the quality and efficiency that ensures a proper boost in battery life by the time you reach your destina...(More)

BlackBerry Sync Pod for AT&T Passport, Unlocked Passport

Now you can dock your Smartphone in style with the OEM Sync Pod from BlackBerry! Designed to compliment your office desk, nightstand or even kitchen counter, this sync pod is small in size but easy to manage. Including a BlackBerry micro-USB cable that p...(More)

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Score 4/5 (11 ratings)
7Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad8Seidio MicroUSB Cable (2.0m) 2-Pack
Belkin Qi Wireless Charging Pad

With the Belkin QI Wireless Charging Pad, you can charge Samsung, Nokia and other Qi-enabled smartphones without bothering with plugs or cables. This charger uses Qi-certified transmitting coils to deliver charge to your phone wirelessly. Simply place the...(More)

Seidio MicroUSB Cable (2.0m) 2-Pack

Seidio’s Micro USB Type-B high connectivity cable is a great way to keep your Smartphone charged and updated for use. Micro USB Type-B (Male) to Standard USB 2.0 (Male) Connectors 2m long charging cable (excluding connectors) perfect for use wit...(More)

Score 4.2/5 (6 ratings)
Score 4.2/5 (6 ratings)
9BlackBerry Micro-USB Cable10BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9650, Tour 9630
BlackBerry Micro-USB Cable

Just as your BlackBerry Smartphone helps you successfully multi-task, the combination data synchronization and charging cable helps you conduct two vital functions at the same time. The BlackBerry Micro-USB cable that allows you to sync data between your...(More)

BlackBerry Charging Pod for Bold 9650, Tour 9630

The BlackBerry Charging Pod may be the most convenient and attractive way to charge your Smartphone. Ideal for the office or bedside, this BlackBerry smartphone charger is suited to blend in comfortably by displaying a clock when it's docked. The chrome d...(More)

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Score 4.6/5 (182 ratings)